Caravan Watch

Caravan Watch is a scheme which operates in a similar way to a  Neighbourhood Watch scheme. The scheme is run for, and by, members  of the caravan community and is supported by the police.

Every Caravan Watch can be linked locally to the neighbourhood police team.

As a member of Caravan Watch you will have opportunities to directly influence the dissemination and collection of information about crime, anti-social and suspicious behaviour in your area to prevent crime.
The aims of the scheme are to:

  • Increase the prevention and detection of caravan related crime
  • Increase community engagement between caravan sites, the police and caravan owners
  • Increase public confidence in the police and other involved agencies


Benefits of the scheme

  • Free access to the police community messaging service (early information regarding crimes or suspicious behaviour)
  • Advice on how to report suspicious activity
  • Access to your local neighbourhood police team and Caravan Watch co-ordinator
  • Provision of regular caravan crime information in your area
  • Information about security products that reduce thefts and increase the chance of offenders being caught
  • Details on how to register your property and search for details of stolen property prior to buying equipment
  • Signs and stickers for your caravan, sites and equipment showing that you are a member of a police supported initiative


Requirements of becoming a member

Caravan Watch is a free scheme, anyone from the caravan community can join but we request you to:

  1. Register your property
  2. Register your details with the police community messaging service


What do thieves target?

  • Caravans
  • Spare parts
  • Personal possessions
  • Appliances

Thieves will target anything – jewellery, cash, computer equipment, cameras, clothing etc. By taking a few steps you can significantly reduce the chances of your property being stolen.