Watch Schemes

Watch Schemes can be easily set up, of any size, type and cover a variety of subjects e.g. Boat Watch, Horse Watch, Neighbourhood Watch, Caravan Watch etc. 

Whatever the scheme they are generally formed by like minded people who wish to become involved or assist to improve community safety and the well being of people in a particular local area. 

What is a Watch Scheme?

A Watch Scheme is a group of concerned and/or like minded people who join together to help each other with the added benefits of reducing crime and the fear of crime within their community.

Why do we need Watch Schemes?

Watch Schemes contribute to community cohesion, improving peoples well being and are considered very successful in reducing crime.  Bringing people together with a support function to assist such groups is not new.  It is a simple idea that brings people together who agree on central values and identified objectives that contribute to delivering improvements for the area in which the scheme operates. 

In brief, Watch Schemes can make a difference to the people and the places where they live. Devon and Cornwall is a safe place to live and go about our daily lives whether that is at work or play. We all need to contribute to keep it this way.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 22.01.27Initial considerations.

Any interest shown to create a Watch Scheme should be dealt with expeditiously so as to maintain credibility and confidence in our service.
There are clear expectations upon those that put themselves forward for the management, involvement and delivery of any scheme.  It is important to ensure that there are appropriate and motivated people that will fulfil on their obligations, whether as a member or co-ordinator, and deliver on those responsibilities for a scheme before committing to the formal recognition of a scheme.   

What next?

See our documents under the ‘Current Watch Scheme Lists’ on ‘How do I get started?’ for the next step in setting up a particular watch Scheme.  

Further and useful information for all volunteers (once registered and given access to the D&C Police intranet) is available on the ‘Dashboard’ – Click here to access the Dashboard or use quick link button on left.  


Need assistance?

For more information, support or guidance please contact DaCCWA (Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association)